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NZXT GRID+ Fan Controller

My review of the GRID+ fan controller from NZXT is here. The original Grid was functional, but it lacked some key features – does the GRID+ provide them?

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What’s a Kardashian?: This Week in Google 259

Gina Trapani tries to explain to Jeff Jarvis her respect and admiration for all things Kardashian.For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

One of Windows Phone’s Biggest Problems Solved: Windows Weekly 372

Microsoft has relaxed Windows Phone hardware maker guidelines to allow “soft buttons” for navigation. This has inadvertently solved the problem of accidentally pressing “Back, Start, or Search” at the wrong times.For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

Pond Wireless Charging: The Giz Wiz 1478

Soren Nielsen from Pond gives an in-studio demonstration of his wireless charging products that are currently on Kickstarter.For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

iPhone sales up, iPad sales down, Google Play Material Design & more – Pocketnow Daily

Stories:- Verizon introduces HTC One Remix (Mini 2) Material Design Play Store refresh now arriving AT&T teases Windows Phone 8.1 updates as soon as this week? Microsoft acknowledges aborted Surface Mini launch in earnings report Apple’s quarterly results a mixed bag: iPhone sales up, iPad down

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the launch of the HTC One Remix on Verizon, and our initial thoughts. Then we talk about Google’s launch of Material Design on its Google Play Store. AT&T then teases the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 on its devices. Microsoft follows with the reasons why we didn’t get a Surface Mini. We end today’s show talking about Apple’s quarter results and how the iPhone and iPad are performing.

All this and more after the break.


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The Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6 Wi-Fi router is a big investment with mostly disappointing returns. editor Dong Ngo finds the Netgear R8000 Nighthawk X6 Wi-Fi router a hefty investment that doesn’t return much, yet he gets one anyway.

Can Android do for wearables what Apple did for smartphones? (The Next Big Thing, Episode 8)

Google makes a play to be the center of the wearable universe, cars that communicate to each other, and what beacons in your favorite store can do for you.

‘Lookout’ is ‘Find My Phone’ but Better: iFive for the iPhone 101

Sarah Lane checks out Lookout, which can ping you your phone’s location when the battery dies.For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

Tech Feed for July 23, 2014: Tech News 2night 135

Tech Feed for July 23, 2014 – Apple to release Yosemite public beta, new details on what Apple will announce this fall, Comcast’s super-cheap internet is hard to sign-up for, and Facebook’s record mobile earnings.For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

How accurately do fitness trackers monitor sleep?

As the “quantified self” craze continues, fitness trackers have us obsessing over not only how active we are but also how soundly we’re sleeping. How do the devices stack up against clinical sleep studies though? CNET’s Sumi Das visits the Stanford Sleep Center for an expert’s opinion.

Tomorrow Daily 023: Amazon Fire phone reviews, a huge TV price, virus art, and more

Today, Amazon Fire phone reviews started dropping (and they’re not very good), Samsung puts a price tag on its 105-inch curved TV, and artists create a gallery of computer virus art.

Open Mirage Overview: FLOSS Weekly 302

Dr. Anil Madhavapeddy gives Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps an overview and history of Open Mirage.For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

Philips’ speaker base not for bass heads Philips Blu-ray Surround Base HTB3525B offers a compelling combination of useful features and sophisticated performance at a bargain price.

The 404 1,530: Where we’re richer for the experience Google that you accidentally clicked on a racist search result, Comic-con 2014 events for TMNT and X-Men fans, a sequel to Fight Club, and an upcoming novel about people working on their novels.

CNET Update – Unlock your phone with Motorola’s ‘digital tattoo’ unveils a near-field communication security sticker for your wrist, Sony’s high-priced Walkman gets buzz, and the cute Jibo robot wants to be part of the family.

Vint Cerf explains…Who runs the Internet’s address book?

Ever wonder who controls the inner workings of the Internet? Like what happens after you type in a URL and hit enter, or who assigns IP addresses? A father of the Internet is here to explain.

Manything makes home security free for all (all iOS users, that is) free iOS app gives pricy security cameras a run for their money.

One Windows?: Tech News Today 1055

Will Microsoft merge all versions of Windows into one?For the full episode, go to for TWiT Bits

PCMag Live 07/23/14: Apple iPad Sales Down & Motorola’s New Digital Tattoo

Samara Lynn and Alex Colon chat about the day’s top tech news, including Apple reporting 12% profit growth but iPad sales sliding for the second consecutive quarter, Microsoft loking to unify its operating systems, and Motorola unveiling a digital tattoo that lets you automatically unlock your Moto X.

Reader Question: How do you connect to the 5GHz band? My laptop only finds the 2.4GHz band, my tablet is connected to the 5GHz, but my receiver and Blu-ray are not sure which bands they connected to since those are wired.

We also take a look at the Amazon Fire Phone.

Tech Minute – Ditch the spray: Apps to repel mosquitoes

Along with summer comes cookouts, swimming, and mosquitoes –lots of them. Instead of slathering on repellent, turn to yoursmartphone to keep pesky critters at bay. In this Tech Minute, CNET’s Kara Tsuboi reports on apps designed to repel mosquitoes.